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A flexible customisable solution for database access from your smartphone into your operational databases.
You can access information from your IT systems or input reports from the field, and fulfil many other operational needs.
Portalify Query back-end integration can provide the same database search and reporting capability also to TETRA radios, with a single back-end integration.
Portalify Query has been proven in large-scale public safety production for 20 years in demanding situations.
Query Integration Solution

Proven TETRA, broadband and IT integration solution.


  • Single Query installation can serve multiple integrations
  • Cost-effective for each app and integration
  • Single system to maintain and monitor
  • Connectivity to TETRA, IT networks and broadband mobile networks
  • TETRA network connectivity can adapt to complex nationwide networks
  • Proven in large nationwide police and public safety deployments
  • Team capable of delivering and supporting this kind of solutions


Large Public Safety IT environments

Complex IT and networking environments.


  • Many IT systems of various ages
  • Often some old legacy systems
  • Multiple IT networks
  • Strict security and firewall rules
  • Deep inspection firewalls
  • Content-aware integration bus solutions
  • Controlled or no internet connectivity
  • TETRA, Mobile broadband, fixed networks interconnected
  • Following government IT and communications security rules
  • Managed environment following standard practises


Query IT integration

Delivery project together with IT and user.


  • We can help deliver Query with IT integration, e.g.
  • Provide message and connectivity diagrams with firewall needs (data flows, firewall rules)
  • Flexibility to configure applications for different complex IT environments
  • Compatibility with monitoring (e.g. SNMP) and server management solutions
  • Can support separate management network
  • Compatible with virtual and physical servers
  • Redundancy and cluster design to fit your IT environment
  • Possible to operate with multiple geographically separate locations
  • Runs on enterprise-grade OS (RedHat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server)
  • Support and updates work together with your NOC to deliver your SLAs
  • Option for 24/7 support
  • Can work fully on internal secure network, no requirement to connect to internet
  • Multiple deliveries on nationwide scale in production
  • Finland since 2003 for police and other organisations
  • Belgium ASTRID operator and Police nationwide, TETRA and broadband integrations
  • Proven solutions that work with today’s complex IT and network environments
Query IT Integration Project

Work together with Sepura, IT and apps user.

Sepura Helsinki (Portalify) experienced complex project delivery and support team can:

  • Work with user IT department on IT and networking topics
  • Work with back-end system technical staff on integration
  • Work with user on end user application topics and tuning
  • Can have specific named people who work on specific project(s)
  • Has experience of deliveries into complex government and public safety IT environments and TETRA networks
  • Phases
  • Configuration
  • Testing
  • Test deployment (staging)
  • Production deployment
  • Support
  • First line at customer (typically)
  • Second line at Sepura/Portalify
  • 24/7 support option possible
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Portalify Ltd  |  Upseerinkatu 1, 02600 Espoo, Finland  |  Registration FI16025165  |  |  Tel +358 9 6227 9668
Portalify Ltd  |  Upseerinkatu 1, 02600 Espoo, Finland  |  Registration FI16025165  |  |  Tel +358 9 6227 9668
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