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Outdoor and indoor location tracking for TETRA radios and broadband smartphones with map display.
SmartView provides location field force users wherever they are working, and to share the locations of the field force to users in the control room and IT environment.
SmartView is a centralized service, which collects and distributes location data from users (APL) and vehicles (AVL), i.e. a resource location system, gathering data from any type of device, be it vehicle or person based (ARLS).


SMARTVIEW  – Dashboard

PORTALIFY’S lone worker application employs GPS location technology for immediate real-time monitoring of worker locations. This guarantees the swift location retrieval of your team, particularly during emergencies, instilling a heightened sense of security for both management and staff. The application’s user-friendly interface and dependable tracking system simplify workforce management seamlessly, regardless of the geographical distance.
SMARTVIEW - Dashboard

SMARTVIEW – Application

SMARTVIEW enables lone workers to check in regularly and push out alerts to request help in an emergency situation. Man-down technology detects worker movement, monitors their locations and smartphone connectivity, and collects other relevant data in the case of emergency.


SMARTVIEW  – Dashboard
Protect and monitor your lone workers and employee safety effiently using the secure online dashboard.
SMARTLOCATE – Lone Worker App
Our lone worker app is available on Android phones globally.
Panic / Help button
Easily trigger an emergency alarm to request assistance when needed. Monitors will receive immediate alerts containing the worker’s location.
GPS and indoor Location
Continuous (voluntary) GPS+Bluetooth location monitoring provides live updates on the worker’s whereabouts throughout their shift.
Device tracking
Location tracking for radios and smartphones, with real-time sharing.
Lone worker
High risk solo work notification to Dashboard.
No movement
Alarm to Dashboard if worker becomes unmovable for a set period of time 
Connection monitoring
See connection status and battery level for each device.
Man down protection
Monitors and alerts if a worker falls and becomes
24/7 Support 
Tech team available for support and problem solving.


Improved Safety

Smartview offers a variety of functionalities such as real-time GPS tracking and panic buttons to ensure the safety and security of employees working independently.

It enables easy registration and is compatible with both smartphones and Tetra Radios. With a web-based user interface, the Mapping UI can be accessed via a web browser, allowing logins across a range of devices including laptops and tablets

Peace of Mind

Lone workers face the challenges of vulnerability and isolation daily. Our lone worker solution provides immediate assistance, offering peace of mind knowing help is just one button press away. With Smartview, they can work confidently, knowing they’re never truly alone.

Mitigate Risks Proactively

Unlock the power of Smarview to seamlessly monitor your phone’s battery level and connection quality. Our cutting-edge technology transforms this data into actionable insights, presented elegantly in SmartView. Stay one step ahead and avert potential issues before they arise.

Increased Productivity

Enhanced feelings of safety and security among employees contribute to increased productivity, as employees can focus more on their tasks without distractions or worries. Smartview plays a vital role in mitigating stress and anxiety, enabling employees to concentrate more effectively on their tasks, ultimately leading to higher efficiency and task fulfillment

Improved Communication

Issues and emergencies can be promptly addressed and effectively managed with SmartView.

Users communicating with the field force via narrow-band carriers such as TETRA benefit from SmartView’s optimization of bandwidth usage. The server efficiently arbitrates between users’ location data requests and the location commands sent over the narrow-band carrier.

Utilizing the latest GPS and/or beacon signals, SmartView provides near real-time reporting of smartphones’ or radio users’ last known locations on a map.

SmartView facilitates location monitoring for various scenarios:

  • Staff working outdoors or where GPS signal is available (using GPS signal only).

  • Staff working indoors or where GPS signal is not available (using Bluetooth beacons only).

  • Staff who work both indoors and outdoors (utilizing a combination of GPS and Bluetooth beacon signals).

  • The SmartView map displays the locations of ‘Active’ radios or smartphones, indicating those that are powered on and connected to the system.

Additionally, the map allows operators to view and set attributes of active radios, including Device ID (ISSI) and user ID/name (e.g., the name of the team member using the radio).

Moreover, SmartView distinguishes between Mobile/Vehicle Devices and Personal/Handheld Devices, providing comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities for different types of devices.

Quick access to emergency assistance

With the SmartView Lone Worker application, emergency assistance is just a click away. Through features like the Emergency Alarm, Automatic Alerts including Man Down, Check-in, and No Movement Alarms activated in Lone Worker mode, lone workers can swiftly signal for help in critical situations. These alerts are seamlessly integrated with our SmartView desktop map service, enabling dispatchers to quickly pinpoint the lone worker’s location and coordinate a rapid response. This integration minimizes waiting time when time is of the essence, ensuring that help reaches the lone worker without delay, thereby enhancing safety and mitigating risks in the field.

By prioritizing the safety and well-being of their employees, businesses can enhance their reputation as a responsible and caring employer.

This commitment not only fosters a positive work environment but also strengthens employee loyalty and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and organizational success.

Map Functionality

The map will show all active smartphone and radio users in their current location, including outdoor and indoor locations

It is possible to Zoom In to see fewer (users in a more precise location) or Zoom Out to view more users over a larger area.

The mapping function also has a search function allowing the user to:

Find someone by name – what is their location, status, and attributes?
Find someone by Device ID (e.g., ISSI) – what is their location, status, and attributes?
Find people with specific information (including a free text field).
When the search function is used, the map will adjust to show the location of all people identified by the search results. The details will also be shown in the side panel.

Indoor Location building plan view, showing search by username.

Building plans can be imported to allow users to be located and seen in specific areas or rooms of the building and on different levels.

Importing building plan for indoor location.

It is also possible to find or identify all the team members, their attributes, and status within a specific location by defining a map search area such as:

  • Monitored building

  • Floor of a Monitored Building

  • Defined area or rooms of a building

  • Defined geographical area (which could include monitored buildings).

  • It is possible to create pre-set areas as well as use a ‘freestyle’ zoom function. The system is flexible to meet changes in radio fleet size and requirements.

  • Easily register and track more radio users.
  • Track smartphones as well as Tetra Radios.
  • Uses a web-based UI which allows Mapping UI to be accessed via a web browser. You can log in across a range of devices including laptops and tablets.

Employers are obligated to safeguard their employees, and neglecting this duty can lead to legal consequences. Employing Smartview enables businesses to fulfill their legal obligations and ensure the well-being of their workforce.

Reduced Costs

Minimizing the chances of accidents, injuries, and incidents not only enhances workplace safety but also results in significant cost savings for businesses. By proactively mitigating risks and fostering a culture of safety, companies can reduce expenses associated with insurance premiums, compensation claims, and productivity losses, ultimately leading to improved financial performance and sustainability.


SmartView provides browser-based location visualisation clients to give you a flexible multi- user solution. Accessed locally on the server computer, via PC in the control room, or out in the field with a mobile device such as a notebook or tablet, it allows you to track resources, regardless of the technology used, or where you operate.
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